Frequently Asking Questions

What Budget Ranges Do You Work In?
We typically work between budgets of $2,500 - $50,000 But, we have the capabilities to go bigger or smaller if necessary depending on the project.
What's your timeline on getting my video made?
First, we recommend awarding the job at least three weeks before shoot day. For any script to screen projects, please allow at least 6 weeks as it will enable us to bring on the best personnel for the job.
How long will it take to complete a project
The simplicity or complexity of your video project will affect the final time to complete each project. But, that will be discussed once we start to dive into the details of your project.
How Does The Initial Deposit Work?
For us to begin the video production process, you are required to pay a retainer for 50% of the full budget. The other 50% that’s left is paid when the video has been completed.
How Many Revisions Rounds Do We Get?
After you see the first rough cut and request changes, we then provide you with a more fined tuned cut and ask for any last changes to be made. The final cut is where you can request additional changes as well. So that means you have three (3) opportunities to provide feedback and to make changes with your video before any additional charges may occur.